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Powerpoint 2010 treats – (Actually) Embedded video, masking, and more!

It a common issue with Powerpoint: you want to play a video inside your presentation. No sweat, simply 'Insert' > 'Movie' > 'Movie from File', and lo and behold you have a movie playing from within Powerpoint. Well, assuming it’s...
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Mac DisplayPort won’t output to some switchers (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Since meeting with Benoit Lamy at Analog Way I’ve been shown that it is possible to avoid this problem, without additional external devices. As of firmware version 5, it is possible to disable HDCP individually on each digital input...
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Embedded movies in Powerpoint: Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls

If you’ve sat through many Powerpoint presentations recently, you’ll have noticed they are more multimedia than ever before. Embedded movies, youtube links, audio files… they can liven up a presentation, but also require more preparation for both the presenter and...
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