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Editing copy haunts you for always.

Reading the ten typographic mistakes everyone makes at Christopher Phin’s Receding Hairline blog, brought back vivid — and occasionally painful — memories of editing copy at my University paper. In particular the vicious division in the comments to the article,...
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An insightful overview of teleprompter tips, sightings during the US presidential primaries can be seen here, at Garr Reynold’s site, Presentation Zen. Teleprompters allow for speakers to present without the apparent use of notes. Keep in mind however, that there...
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Netfirms supports pretty permalinks

With no announcement at all, it seems that Netfirms has decided to support WordPress permalinks without having to resort to this plugin hack. Unfortunately, it also broke the existing plugin, which Joelika managed to figure out before me. I haven’t...
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Google Maps causes Safari 1.3.2 to crash

Discovered yesterday that an update in the Google Maps API causes older Safari systems (1.3.2, the most current for OS X 10.3) to crash. Hard. Luckily, after wading through plenty of ranting about why old browsers should be kicked to...
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Resources for production visuals

Frankly I’m tired of scouring the net for tips on fixing a Powerpoint bug, projector alignment or maintenance code, only to lose the link or scribble the info on a sheet of paper to be lost in the wash. <again!>...
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