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Powerpoint 2011: Improvements

I’ve just purchased my version of Powerpoint 2011 for Mac, so this article will continue to be a work in progress....
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Powerpoint 2010 treats – (Actually) Embedded video, masking, and more!

It a common issue with Powerpoint: you want to play a video inside your presentation. No sweat, simply 'Insert' > 'Movie' > 'Movie from File', and lo and behold you have a movie playing from within Powerpoint. Well, assuming it’s...
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  • QT7 New Audio Window

Quick audio recording with QuickTime

If you have a Mac at your conference or event and need a quick recording solution, consider QuickTime. To ensure that the recording is the best quality possible, there are a few extra steps you should take before hitting ‘record’....
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Mac DisplayPort won’t output to some switchers (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Since meeting with Benoit Lamy at Analog Way I’ve been shown that it is possible to avoid this problem, without additional external devices. As of firmware version 5, it is possible to disable HDCP individually on each digital input...
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Inserting Adobe Shockwave Flash animation into PowerPoint (and other oddball video formats)

Jan Schultink, the blogger behind Slides that Stick er… Sticky Slides has a very short post showing how Powerpoint can be told to play multimedia that might normally choke it. It’s mostly pictures, but here’s a written summary for reference:...
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Blackberry + Google IMAP (apps or GMail) changes for the better

Since becoming a Blackberry last August, I’ve let my computer inbox overwhelm me. The biggest problem with BIS email on the Blackberry (or so I thought at the time), was that there were no folders for sorting. Your options were...
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Powerpoint Media Workarounds

<This article is still in progress>...
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Can presentations play nice with multimedia? On-site troubleshooting tips

You decide to take the plunge and embed a sales video into your Powerpoint presentation. It looks good, and plays well on your own computer at work, but when you get to the conference to test it, you see nothing...
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Slide navigation in Powerpoint: Sponsor Loops

Need to run a sponsor loop for a reception, but also need a specific slide or two during some brief remarks? You can do both from within the same presentation. No jumping to the desktop!...
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Embedded movies in Powerpoint: Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls

If you’ve sat through many Powerpoint presentations recently, you’ll have noticed they are more multimedia than ever before. Embedded movies, youtube links, audio files… they can liven up a presentation, but also require more preparation for both the presenter and...
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