Need to run a sponsor loop for a reception, but also need a specific slide or two during some brief remarks? You can do both from within the same presentation. No jumping to the desktop!

  1. Create the slide deck for the sponsor loop
  2. Select your transitions and slide duration as per normal
  3. Ensure that looping is set under [Slide Show], [Set up show]
  4. Insert your (let’s say 2) static slides at the beginning of the deck
  5. Ensure that these 2 slides have no slide duration
  6. Right-click these two slides and click ‘Hide slides’

Okay, to recap: We now have a presentation that will automatically transition through all but the first 2 slides in perpetuity.
When the time comes to stop the loop (often the sponsor or client goes to the podium to make a few quick announcements), call up the static slide by number. (i.e. for slide 1, while your show is running press [1][enter], for slide 12, press [1][2][enter], etc.)

Voila! Because there’s no need to jump to the desktop, there’s also no need for a still-store or switcher. To start up your sponsor loop again, simply advance into the loop, or select the first slide in the loop (in our example, slide 3).